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Kammersberg race - 18.08.2013

After an amazing race in the previous year, with the overall victory and an awesome new track record, there was a lot to be defended at this race in Styria in 2013.

A major difference between the races of the Styria Hillclimb Rallye Cup and the races of the Austrian Hillclimb Championship is the fact, that all practice and race runs are held on the same day here, so the team has to work perfectly on the whole the driver, the car, the crew, everything has to work together to gain victory.

Practice heats, which started exactly at 9am, went well for team-edlinger, and the fastest overall practice time could be achieved.

In the race there was a tough fight between Erich Edlinger and Herbert Pregartner. This fight was so close that in every race heat there was only a difference of a few tenths between them.

At the end of the day, Erich was defeated by just five hundredths of a second. But still there is the amazing track record of the last year, which was not beaten and so Erich Edlinger remains the fastest man in Kammersberg.

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