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Hillclimb race in St. Agatha - 27.09.2015

For the team edlinger the hillclimb race in St. Agatha was the second hillclimb race in the 2015 season and so it was necessary to go carefully about it. The first practice run was started with similar vehicle settings and the same tire choice like those in the last race of 2014. With this combination a time of 1:12.977 was achieved last year.

But right from the start into the first practice was clear that the grip level was much worse than expected and so once again began the search for the ideal vehicle setup. Many things were changed in order to improve the grip level, but no changes were really effective. In addition a little bit unstable driving behaviour still came with the curve entrance and exit.

Only extensive changes to front and rear axle between the last practice and first race brought an improvement and although the time of 2014 was not achieved, for the team-edlinger it was an exciting weekend.