Technology that matters.
Partners & Sponsors
The construction company, based in Tattendorf (Lower Austria), offers all important services from one source. The married couple Jürgen and Sandra Reinisch guarantees highly professional execution of all kinds of construction work. The very representative location in Tattendorf has been officially opened in 2010. Reinisch Bau is an official partner of the team-edlinger since 2004. Despite some set-backs in the past, Reinisch Bau continuously supported the Team.
Reinisch Immobilien was founded in 2015 in order to also realize own projects of the Reinisch Bau GmbH. Thus, their competences can be trusted in these areas as well. They always manage each individual project reliably and transparently.
For over 20 years, the company Koppe is a reliable partner of the team-edlinger and provides beside excellent products also first-class support. The commitment of the company Koppe in national and international championships, where many victories have been retracted, shows that companies in a manageable size can deliver high-quality products.
The company, founded approximately 100 years ago, is one of the leading mechanical dealers in Austia. In 8 Austrian locations, the customers are supported in the best possible way and get offered „Technology that matters”. Steyr-Werner guarantees compentent consulting, fast shipping and attractive pricing of their products. The company has been part of Dexis Europe since 2015 and became Dexis Austria in 2023.
The brand, company owned by Steyr-Werner, features a patented system for the perfect connection between hydraulic hoses and hydraulic mountings. Those products meet the customers high requirements as well as the OEM requirements and are TÜV certificated. The components of this system are also designed to perfectly fit and replace existing systems. MultiCrimp and Steyr-Wernen make a perfect unit - the team-edlinger got his today´s shape based on this cooperation.
Located in St. Stefan im Rosental, the vehicle workshop ABSENGER owned by Erwin Absenger, is a synonym for high quality and best services in combination with a reasonable pricing. Any kind of reparatory work can be executed in the shop, undepended which brand the customers car is. Erwin and his team are offering theire services for more than 20 years. The partnership, established from the 2012 – season onwards is based on a yearlong friendship between Erwin Absenger, Erich Edlinger and some other team mates oft the team-edlinger.
Since the beginning, the commitment to motor sport has been an essential part of the company philosophy. The first sport mufflers to leave the new factory in Bärnbach during spring 1991 already wore trade marks from motor sport participation within the National Rally Championship. Not only the vital image transfer from the “track to the street” is addressed, but also the technology transfer to ensure that customers receive the best possible sport exhaust for their vehicles.
Company WEDCO Tooling Competence, which has its residence in Vienna offers an all-in-one service for machining tools. Milling cutters are manufactured to specific customer specifications as well as new cutting materials and coatings for longer durability are developed. The sharpening service for all major drilling and milling tools rounds off the comprehensive service from WEDCO. The company could be convinced for a partnership with the team-edlinger from the 2010 season. We are sure that with the WEDCO company we have found a new partner with „handshake” quality, which fits very well into the concept!
Under the motto „A team from the region - for the region”, the company MARKO employs around 110 employees from the region. A variety of high quality products and services are offered in almost all areas of stone and asphalt industry, for private use or for large construction sites.
Especially in this time it is important, as simple and easy as possible to cope projects that are coming in the hectic life in addition to us. Therefore it is important to find an appropriate partner for new construction, reconstruction or additional construction. The company Feldgrill provides with the expertise, the experience and competence all the requirements which are necessary for the ease of building at the present time.
Founded back in 2000 as a family business, innovative and modern technologies for all kinds of prototyping needs such as additive manufacturing, high-precise machining (turning/milling), NC – controlled measurements as well as laser marking are available within a modern infrastructure. Surrounded by a highly skilled, creative, flexible and innovative team, RESCH llc was a reliable partner throughout the entire project. Complex manufacturing requirements, ultra-stringent tolerances to ensure proper functionality or additive manufacturing based on innovative design for parts with minimum weight - the outstanding possibilities have been used creatively and effectively all the time - “it was done”, finally.
The chassis components, especially the shock absorbers, are in addition to the tires the most important parts when it is about the handling of a vehicle. The company DULLINGER chassis technology, led by Günther Dullinger, is specialised in design, optimization and maintenance of those highly complex components. Expert support is supplemented by a very attractive pricing. The multi-adjustable shock absorbers, which are used in the BMW 320 IRL evo have been specified and selected together with the company DULLINGER. As a partner of the team-edlinger no effort and expense were spared to achieve the best cost/performance ratio.
The carpentry headquartered in Tober near Passail has made quite a name especially in the manufacturing of doors for interior use. Due to the quite flexible and highly efficient production equipment, even unusual customer requests can be offered on a very attractive price. Wherever molding parts are needed, the team-edlinger is confident in cooperating with Josef Werner Schinnerl for several years now. Despite good utilization of the company, there is always a opportunity to manufacture urgent parts for racing with the highest precision.
Established in autumn 2019, HDMF Fertigungstechnik OK is offering a broad portfolio in the area of machining – turning, milling, grinding and much more. Where differs HDMF from other companies within this area? Well, it´s the level of Quality which is targeted by the team at any time. Competence and accuracy have been and still are the elements which make a perfect fit between HDMF and team-edlinger. Furthermore, the outstanding level of flexibility in regrds to timing an changes throughout the project are from a high relevance in the partnership.
The eFuel Alliance Austria is a stakeholder initiative dedicated to the industrial production of synthetic liquid fuels from renewable energies and sustainable biomass. It is open to all organisations and interested parties who share the goal of establishing and promoting eFuels as a contributor to climate protection – and helping to make them accepted worldwide. This includes individual companies, associations and individuals, including from the petroleum trade and the petroleum industry, the automotive and automotive supplier industry, mechanical and plant construction, research and science, the aviation and maritime industry, the chemical industry, the energy production and generation sector and, of course, the employee and employer representatives from these areas.
Punching, laser cutting, water jet cutting and laser welding - this are the most important processing technologies in the portfolio of the company ROTTAG. The family based company in the south of Graz invests continously in machinery to offer latest technologies. Precision, perfection and detailed knowledge complement this operation with a material storage in which high-strength materials and advanced materials are waiting for their usage. Precision machined metal parts made of high strength materials are the backbone of the BMW 320 IRL evos body. The support of the ROTTAG company is more than just the financial relief for the team-edlinger - on-time delivery and absolute reliability are further essential things, this partnership is built on!