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Partners & Sponsors
Erich Edlinger
Teamleader and driver

Erich Edlinger is involved in motorsports since 1989 and counts numerous class winnings in national and international Competitions in Hill Climb motorsports. Based on his experiences in all technical ares, he is also the main decision-maker.
Werner Faustmann
PR & Sponsorship management

Besides his knowledge in areas like production engineering and design of components, Werner Faustmann is also responsible for the „all around” presentation, marketing and PR work.
Reinhard Koppe
Technical management of the entire car

Ing. Reihard Koppe works in his own workshop since 1993 as engine- and vehicle manufacturer, composite technician, vintage car restorer and special purpose machinery manufacturer. Therefore, KOPPE Automotive engineering is a very important part of the team-edlinger from 1997 on.
David Edlinger
Software, design, electrics, logistics

David Edlinger brings the experience in computer science gained through education and work into the team and its projects.
Robin Edlinger
Electrics and electronics, driver support, organisation, picture documentation

Robin Edlinger is currently the youngest active team member. His education and areas of interest are ideal for the team's projects.
Sonja Edlinger
Catering organisation and management

Sonja Edlinger organizes not only the catering for the team and partners at the track, she also takes good care of the team over the whole year.
Margarete Riedler
Catering, picture documentation

Margarete Riedler assists with the catering and also ensures that special moments are captured in pictures.
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© team-edlinger
Technology that matters.
Technology that matters.