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Project - BMW M3 2.0

Upon completion of the season 1991, ERICH EDLINGER took a motorsport break. But this period should only be „the calm before the storm” for the competition - in the winter of 1994 a new car was purchased and the change to the BMW brand was performed.

After careful consideration, a successful car from the German Rally Cross segment should be made and in the years 1995 - 1999 consistently developed.
Although difficult to see from the outside, there were some technical innovations over the years. The first intelligent systems (e.g. traction control, data recording) and advanced materials for weight reduction were used.

Numerous class wins were retracted and the successful duo ERICH EDLINGER and his BMW M3 2.0 earned during this period the synonym „the yellow hazard.”
The sensation, however, came on Rechenberg in 1997. Despite strong competition, ERICH EDLINGER was with his then „only” 238 hp BMW M3 2.0 not only the fastest in its class, but was also faster than all the touring cars in the higher displacement class.