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Project - BMW 318 is

The urge of the team, which presented itself at the end of 1999 season in almost the same formation as it presents itself nowadays, to optimize the technique led to a far-reaching decision in late 1999:

A completely new race car was built by the team itself; the focus was clear: extensive personal development of individual team members and new ways to expand the technical horizon. For example, in the proccess of the development of the new vehicle not one part of the - after all, very successful - older car was taken without, at least optimising it in detail.

In addition to the consistent pursuit of the lightweight concept, using carbon fiber laminates, for the first time during the development the team put a lot of effort in optimising the aerodynamics of the car. In compliance with the regulatory limits imposed, an overall package was created which with ERICH EDLINGER behind the steering wheel ran from victory to victory.