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Project - BMW 320 IRL

After the technical possibilities were almost exhausted in the selected category of vehicles until 2005, the team was internally looking for a new challenge.

It was clear that once again a new technological territory has to be entered in order to achieve an outstanding result. Lots of thinking lead to the decision to develop something new, which would move the boundaries of the now thinkable into new areas.

And then, after almost 5 years of development, countless hours of work and - last but not least - through the trusting support of our partners, the company STEYR-WERNER Technischer Handel, MULTICRIMP hydraulic systems, KOPPE Automotive Engineering and Reinisch-Bau, we could proudly present the result of the work in April 2009 - the Car for the 2009 season, the BMW 320 IRL.

Unfortunately for all parties, the BMW 320 IRL was active for a very short time only. Because of a series of unfortunate circumstances, the vehicle burnt down nearly completely in a European Championship run in the Czech Republic.