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It's time to change - 13.02.2016

After the exceedingly successful last years the team-edlinger decided to join no more races with the BMW 320 IRL evo. However, some exhibitions and possibly a longer stay in a museum for racing vehicles are still planned.

The BMW 320 IRL evo was the most successful and also by far the most spectacular vehicle which was built up by the team-edlinger. Already in 2010 the BMW 320 IRL evo was in action and so this car reached the longest period of application of all racing cars in the history of the team-edlinger.

This decision was released by the start of a new, very innovative project which should allow the usage of new technologies and systems. Further information about the new project will follow.

Now only a big „thank-you“ remains to all those which have supported the „BMW 320 IRL evo“ project and of course also to all fans who have made this project to a special project.