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Partnership with AVON established

Close to the end of 2019, a further milestone from a huge importance could have been achieved: The racing tyre manufacturer AVON, well-known in all areas of Motorsports since 1950 and the team-edlinger established a partnership.

The focus within the partnership which was agreed with the experts in “the factory” located in Melksham, UK, is clearly set on technical development to optimize the entire package towards best possible performance.

As any pre-heating of tyres by any means is not allowed in Hillclimb – Racing, the relevance of the tyres design and compound development is huge. To handle the trade-off between a “super soft” compound, featuring sufficient traction even under low temperatures and a “stiff” tyre structure to precisely transfer any movement from the wheel to the track and vice versa was done by the experts in AVON very successfully since many years.

On the other hand, the unique project, the professionality during execution of it as well as the “brand” of the team-edlinger have been and are from relevance for AVON.

We are proud of this partnership as it represents a real “win-win” – situation.