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3.5l V8 race engine initialy used by General Motors in the „Indy Racing League (IRL)”.

Basic information:
• 3.5l V8, max. speed: 11.500 RPM, 570 HP at 11.300 RPM
• Total weight excl exhaust manifold: 125kg
• Fully electronic ignition and fuel injection system including traction control, drive-by-wire, etc.

The rules of the Indy Racing League (IRL) differs in an essential point from the actual aplication of the engine: In the U.S. methanol is used as fuel, whereas the FIA - regulation allows commercial petrol station fuel only.

Through the necessity of changing the fuel, lots of modification had to be done since the chemical and physical properties of methanol and European fuel are highly different. Therefore an entirely new electronics and other components for the ignition and fuel injection system have to be implemented.

All these works, which took a total of several months were carried out by the company KOPPE Automotive Engineering on their in-house test bed.

Source car of the engine (Indi-Car)