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The transmission was used in the team Prostīs 2000 Formula 1 car. At this time the development and production of mechanical components was carried out by the company X-Trac and it markes the last development stage of the 6-speed transmission series.

By using high quality materials and by optimization of all components, the overall weight of the transmission, including hydraulically adjustable limited slip differential, is just 48kg. For example, the case is made out of magnesium alloy and the fittings and flanges out of titanium alloy. The shafts and gears are made of high strength steel alloy and have a weight-optimized geometry. For example, the pinion for the reverse gear is only about 5mm wide.

The gearbox and differential lubrication was optimized. For various oil returns carbon fibre laminate-attachments were used and the oil is extracted by two independent external oil pumps. Those two oil pumps generate a pressure of 1.6 bar and press the lubricating oil through the main oil passage to the bearings. The lubricating oil circuit itself is similar to the one in internal combustion engines, whereas for the hill climb racing the oil cooler was removed for weight reasons.

The entire geometry of the transmission is from interest also as the arrangement of the drive shaft outputs are positioned very high. Also, this arrangement allows an extreme form of the rear end diffusor.

Responsible for the operation of the shift controller in the gearbox is a small but powerful hydraulic motor. The controling of this motor was one of the biggest challenges in the project as there is no mechanical locking device, which means the hydraulic motor has to control the position of the pinion permanently. The electronic as well as the hydraulic system, used for this purpose, has to be developed in-house accordingly.